Winter has arrived, no longer hot temperatures here so easier to create new silver jewels. The silver I work with is made from sophisticated recycled silver.  it is malleable like clay.

In summer my hands are so warm that when I am working on my pieces they dry too fast and start to crumble. And top of the bill at the end they are baked in a special oven at 800 degrees Celsius (1472°F).  The result is 99,99% pure silver.

So you can imagine how warm it gets in my studio!

Scroll down for my new pendants in pure silver.

There is no greater freedom than to live in the moment...

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New creations now also available in my shop:

Gorgeous pure silver owl with full moon pendant

My new favourite!

A gorgeous owl with full moon pendant, handmade in pure silver!

The pendant is slightly convex which gives it an extra dimension.

It measures ca. 3 cm which is 1.18 inches.

Small owl pendant

A small owl pendant, handmade in pure silver with a new moon!

It measures ca. 2 cm (with bail 2,8 cm) which is 0.79 inches, with bail 1.10 in.

Available again:

Mother Goddes of life pendant
The Mother Goddes of Life New and Old

The mother Goddes of Life pendant in pure silver.

She measures ca. 6,5 x 2,5 cm (2.56 x 1 in)

Fertility, care, nutrition, security, love.

Thousands of female figurines have been found everywhere in the world in various ancient cultures. People venerated the mother Goddess, the creation of life, the divine energy.

The original female figurine comes from 4500 BC. It is found on the Po plain in Northern Italy and measures 6 cm. Thanks to the tapered lower body the figurine can easily be inserted into the ground. It is believed that in ancient cultures they inserted her into the ground in front of the entrance of a house for protection, or for fertility.

The Lady wears a fertility girdle and a red chain. She has short arms and a small head with long hair or a veil.

Source : Venus is geen Vamp, Annine Van Der Meer, A3boeken

One divine energy: the Goddess and the God, together as one…

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