The Ancient Goddess


We live in the male-dominated society, a world of power and money, competitiveness and domination, of oppression and war.

Female values are opposite and often subservient or oppressed. These values are the expression of love and peace, of healing and growth, of equality and freedom.They are the values of mother earth, the goddess, the Diosa, the divine energy in her feminine capacity. Since ancient times the Goddess has been venerated.

Thousands of female figurines have been found everywhere in the world in various ancient cultures.

Through my Silver goddesses, inspired by the beautiful original paintings and figurines of the Ancient Goddess, I want to contribute to reawakening the divine femininity in ourselves.

After all … each of us, woman and man, carry the memory of the Diosa deep in ourselves. If we ensure a positive shift towards the mother, both the mother and the father, as complementary opposites, will restore the balance in the world and in ourselves.

One divine energy: the Goddess and the God, together as one…

Do you dare to awaken her Strength and love in you?

Here below you can find a description of each of my Goddess pendants, the origin and where it stands for. When you like to buy a Goddess pendant, the description will be included.

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Signifies liberty, understanding, kindness and creativity.

The Birdlady or Winged Lady is the type found in Alacahöyük (Turkey-Anatolia) and dates from the early Bronze age III around 2400 BC.

She was created in gold plate and was only reserved for the elite.

Source : Venus is geen Vamp, Annine Van Der Meer, A3boeken


Represents resurrection, freedom, peace, love, eternity.

Officially called Bird Lady, she is found in a pre-dynastic tomb from Neolithic Egypt, 3500-3400 BC.

In El Ma’mariya from upper Egypt.

She shows you graceful wings and has a small Spire bird head.

Isis will later manifest herself as a bird or as a winged lady.

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Source : Venus is geen Vamp, Annine Van Der Meer, A3boeken


signifies freedom, initiative, intuition

This Hattic lady comes from a tomb at Alacahöyük (Turkye) from the early Bronze age, 2500 BC. She wears golden riding boots. Amazons inhabit in the area near the Black Sea. They are known for their horsemanship and venerate the Earth Mother of Anatolia.

Source : Venus is geen Vamp, Annine van der Meer, A3boeken


Righteousness, empowerment, strength

Many women are not fully aware of their inner power. You are capable of a lot more than you can imagine. Take a moment for yourself, one minute of silence…
Feel your connection with the Universe, and see the strength of the Goddess – the Female Divine – everywhere around you, in all that lives.
Focus on the strength within you, of all the blessings life has given you and will keep on giving you.

Wear the Goddess of Empowerment as a symbol of your inner strength and to encourage you to be aware of your infinitive possibilities. This goddess is part of a prehistoric cave painting from the cave of the Torrunades (Vall d’Ebo, Alicante – Spain).  The Torrunades is part of the collection of Mediterranean rock art with the greatest artistic value and is under the protection of UNESCO. At the same time, in general it is the most unknown by the public.

She is noticeably larger than the other images of animals and people.


Signifies fertility, care, nutrition, security, love.

The original female figurine dates from 4500 BC. It is found on the Po plain in Northern Italy and measures 6 cm.

Thanks to the tapered lower body the figurine can easily be inserted into the ground. It is believed that in ancient cultures they inserted her into the ground in front of the entrance of a house for protection, or for fertility.

The Lady wears a fertility girdle and a red chain.  She has short arms and a small head with long hair or a veil.

To me she is a great example of the Ancient Goddess.

Source : Venus is geen Vamp, Annine van der Meer, A3boeken


Signifies initiation, healing, renewal, the cosmic dance

This Iberian image was originally engraved in semi-precious stone and was found in South  East Spain.

The scene shows the inauguration of the human by the goddess. The road of initiation to your higher self through the goddess. The road is secret. And yet … is this road open for those who dare to see and for who embraces change and growth.

The key is the cosmic dance of the goddess.

Eye Goddess


Signifies communication

Many hundreds of small figures like these were found at the Syrian “Eye Temple” of Tell Brak, which date from about 3650-3550 BC. This temple was dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Ishtar (Inanna).  They are all unique and yet the same. My silver pendant was based on this Eye Goddess, made in albast.

Source: Venus is geen Vamp, Annine Van Der Meer, A3Boeken

Goddess of Cucuteni


Signifies love, freedom, reincarnation, renewal

A lady from the late Cucuteni-Tripolye culture of the Vykhvatintsi cemetery in Moldova, 3500 BC.

She is one of the three accompanying death goddesses who are found in the grave of a girl.

We see her vulva, breasts and wing-like arm stumps.


Source: Venus is geen Vamp, Annine Van Der Meer, A3Boeken

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