Exclusive impressive large owl pendant, completely hand crafted from start to finish in pure silver!

One day I saw a picture of the Eurasian Eagle-owl which is one of my totem animals.
This picture inspired me to make a drawing of an Eurasian Eagle owl, cut it out and sculp it in pure silver.  My imagination completed the piece with a longer tail.

The eyes are champagne coloured cubic zirconia stones.

Owl, symbol of ancient wisdom and mystery.

Measures : ca. 6 x 1,5 cm (2.36 x 0.59 in)
Material : pure silver 99,99% (recycled), nickel free, cubic zirconia stones

Cubic zirconia is considered to be the best diamond look-alike ever developed, with its brilliance and crystal clarity.  Except it is a synthesized (man-made) crystalline material.
Cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to diamonds and is available in different colours.
Don’t confuse it with (cubic) zirconium though. This is a different chemical element which is used with other elements to create a cubic zirconia.


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