Represents resurrection, freedom, peace, love, eternity.

Numerous female figurines from the Paleolithic period show bird faces and bird characteristics. This remains so after the Ice-period.

At the period of the first farmers Venuses are found mostly everywhere in Egypt and in Ancient Europe with a tapering bird face and uplifting arms. The legs usually are not articulated.

This beautiful terracotta painted figure, officially called Bird Lady, was found in a Predynastic tomb from Neolithic Egypt, 3500-3400 BCE in El Ma’mariya from  Read more…

Goddess Bird Lady of Egypt

Shine, shine with these adorable earrings in sterling silver:

Pure silver earpins with citrine

Gorgeous earrings in pure (recycled) silver with transparent citrine.

Length : ± 4 cm (1.57 in)
Material : citrine, pure recycled silver 99,99%

Citrine (or citrine) is a very appealing stone.
He helps to balance your emotions and gives you energy, brings joy and Read more

Handmade sterling silver earrings with shiny hearts of Murano glass in yellow gold.

Handmade sterling silver earrings with shiny hearts of Murano glass in yellow gold.

Length: ca 3,5 cm – (width heart ca 2 cm) / ca 1.3 in. (width of the heart is 0.79 in.

Murano Glass beads are hand-blown and inlaid with 24kt Gold, silver or white gold.

Bohemian glass is refined with a high lead content which gives it a very nice glare.  Read more

Silver Wire Collection: rose quartz flowers

Silver Wire with beautiful Rose Quartz flowers.

The Silver Wire jewels are handcrafted using sterling silver wire into stunning creations.

Length : ca 4,5 cm (1.8 in)

Rose Quartz is a stone with a high vibration. He stands for unconditional love and infinite peace.
Rose Quartz would also attract love. This stone works calming and gives tranquility. Therefore, Read more